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Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories 
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AIRGRIP GROUP is a manufacturer of brass electrical wiring accessories. Our range of brass accessories for electrical wiring consists of electrical wiring, cable glands and conduit glands.

Cable glands are most suitable for single / multiple wire armored or sheathed cables. These electrical wiring accessories are corrosion resistant.

Our cable glands come with various kinds of threads like Pg threads, metric threads, BW-Type, CW-Type, Alco-Type etc. with brass & S.S. Lock nuts. Our brass cable glands can be used as conduit fittings and terminal ends.

The AIRGRIP GROUP range of cable glands consists of brass steel cable glands, BW glands – Industrial Glands (2 part), BW GLANDS - Industrial Glands (3 part), CW cable glands (3 part), CW cable glands (4 part), E1W brass cable glands, A1 / A2 industrial cable glands, G type cable glands or Alco cable glands, TRS cable glands and wiping cable glands.

AIRGRIP GROUP also manufactures brass earth tags and other electrical accessories including Shrouds / Sleeves, lock nuts, tinned brass line taps, split bolt connectors, brass neutral link / bar / connector and brass earthing terminals.

Our electrical accessories are for use with armored cable. It secures armoring and provides electrical continuity between armor and gland entry component. These cable glands are available for dry and indoor conditions. They are weatherproof as well as waterproof.

We are a wholesale supplier of electrical wiring accessories to many companies who outsource all of their requirements from us.

We are a leading exporter from India in the field of electrical wiring accessories.



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